Hello everyone,

The last week was full of insights as we have gotten the detailed results of the marketing audit and planned the marketing campaign in accordance with the results.

We have the data with the main searching requests for cryptocurrency topic and get the list of top-5 countries from each request. In addition, we now have the key brand words that will be used during SEO-optimization of our new website. We have completed the list of exchanges and website-aggregators with masternodes where we will place our coin.

We have made the research of developing countries and analyzed the conditions, costs,  and perspectives of entry to African and Asia markets.

One of the biggest issues was improving the design, content, and functionality of NXTON website. We have already shown the first results last week and now our developers and designers need approximately a month to complete everything. We are aimed at constant development; so we hope that you understand that the time we used for improvements will give us advantages in the future because our product will distinguish from competitors’ ¬†attracting investors and new community members. The new website will include updated content due to searching requests of our target audience and new design to ease website navigation. All the efforts we make now serve to synchronize perfectly the marketing campaign with a new version of NXTON website and maximize the marketing results in this way.

Have a nice week and stay with us. We work thanks to your support. Together we build the future!

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