We are excited to share the good news with you! NextON team just has made a partnership with MNitra company.The company has a very important mission: “deploying a Secure Masternode should be accessible to all, regardless of their skillset or technical prowess!” We strongly believe that our community members should be able to join NextOn  Masternode network as easily as possible; MNitra designed a practical solution for this aim.
In short, MNitra team works to dockerize the Masternode daemon and wallet. This means that you get a useful program that makes all the required settings and installations automatically, while you will never have to waste time to that.  A custom cloud-init script enables server setup and masternode deploys, installs updates and needed software. Another point is secure: MNitra provides its users not only a working instrument for deploying MN automatically but protects your server by using specific configurations of the system.   Every step is explained in videos with detailed screenshots. Deploying masternode server has never been so easy. Still, you may ask any questions and get quick feedback from MNitra team directly by.
Our first partnership inspires us and also proves that like-minds always find each other. Join us to become a member of NextOn community!
Stay tuned, a lot more coming!


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