Frequently Asked Questions

NextOn is crypto-based ecosystem that consist of the NextON coin and Wallet aimed to change the world of E-commerce.

You may use it to make transactions, in the future – pay for services and goods on the Internet.

You can download NXTON wallet here

If you have any problems with transaction, try to check your server connection or address the issue to our Support team.

The total NXTON coin supply is 1 000 000 000.

As you buy NextON masternode, you get the stable passive income and may start using our payment ecosystem.

You will always have the same number of coins from masternodes but their price will depend on the BTC rate.

We accept payments in BTC.

Please follow us on Discord to be informed about the last bounty-programs.

You can use our web-wallet or download the wallet to your computer to make a payment.

NextON was created in 2018.

Yes, NextOn is a private company funded by our investors.

Yes, NextON team is planning to burn coins that would not be sold.

No, it is not. The total supply of NXTON is one billion coins

You may buy NextON coins or masternodes, become a member of our community, take part in bounty-campaighn, communicate on our channel, share your opinions and ideas.

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NextON is listed on CryptoBridge

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