Today, there are a lot of coins that enter the crypto-currency market with a promising development prospect and rise sharply in price, but after reaching a certain maximum, they fall in price with the same rapid rate. The NextON coin is significantly different from similar cryptocurrencies, as our team is aimed at the long-term development of the coin and product based on the NextON ecosystem, creating new solutions for e-commerce based on the blockchain. A strategy of including a coin in the payment services will guarantee an appreciation of the coin while owners of the masternodes will be receiving stable returns.

If you really want to make money at blockchain technologies, you should take advantage of the new generation of mining, which is carried out thanks to Masternodes and allows  their owners to get a much greater profit. All you need is simply launch the wallet and keep it open. After acquiring the masternode, the rate of the coin will gradually grow thanks to a clear and realizable mission of the project. The wallet will become a new innovative tool for online payments without fees and  unnecessary bureaucratic operations.

Users will be able to receive transaction statements, keep transaction statistics in the form of tables, charts, diagrams. Moreover, they will be able to compare their monthly, quarterly and annual revenue with the previous periods, identifying strengths and weaknesses of their businesses on the basis of statistical data.

The NextON wallet, which will be adapted to a variety of platforms, will allow site developers to add additional functions to its functionality. Thanks to this, every entrepreneur can adapt the widget to one’s  needs and needs of their users. In the future, the wallet will be configured to support a variety of top-end cryptocurrencies, so that both entrepreneurs and consumers will be able to choose the crypto currency they like most.  

One of the most important advantages of the wallet is the ability to add a widget to   websites, mobile applications, and desktops. The team plans to develop a web-wallet, as well as a widget for such systems as Windows, Linux and for Mac. Then, it is planned to create a widget for mobile applications Android and iOS, Ledger, as well as Trezor.

Investors may  get profit by simply managing the services of Masternodes. In addition, the stakers, who have the greatest number of coins on their account receive an additional reward. The development of a unique product guarantees the long-term development of a project aimed at changing the entire payment system in the field of e-commerce.

In the end, by purchasing the required number of coins for owning NextON masternode, you become the owner of a reliable resource that will only bring profit without any additional expenses in the future.


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