One may notice that cryptocurrencies have become a widely-discussed topic nowadays, but,  in truth, in spite of such a hype, most people do not use cryptocurrencies as a daily payment method. NextON is going to change this situation by introducing truly simple and user-friendly eco-system. We have developed an intuitive user interface of the wallet to satisfy the needs of online consumers. What is more, we have created useful features for business owners who use NextON. Online-businessmen may easily track all the operations visualized clearly in a form of graphics and diagrams. All the instruments for business-analysis are available for all our users for free. Our team aims to create a product that will make cryptocurrency operations so common as using credit cards. At the same time,  NextON is a great investment because the described above features will make a coin popular; therefore its price will rise.

Each day we make small steps to improve our product and service. In a long-run, NextON will be the easiest way to do online business using cryptocurrencies.

Although everything associated with cryptocurrency still seems confusing to most people, we work to facilitate all the processes to change the world of e-commerce. We seek to know your opinion as well because we aim to create a product for real people.  That is why our support team works to answer all the questions and clarify any details concerning our product.


Short description:

NextON team works to improve our product each day. We aim to make cryptocurrency transactions as common and simple as using credit cards. NextON is an innovative  user-friendly ecosystem with many additional functions for business-analysis, but at the same time, it is a reliable investment and an earning method.

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