There are many ways to use money and  make investments nowadays. Most people choose those investments that are considered as reliable Рthey invest in company stock, precious metals, oil, or securities. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are associated with something risky and weird by average users; people find it hard to trust in cryptocurrency projects as they often do not understand how they work. Only those people who have more knowledge and experience are able to make analysis and invest in  projects that seem promising. In result, the number of average users who are engaged in the cryptocurrency investments is quite small. With NextON wallet, we aim to break an ice between experts and non-specialists, business-owners, crypto professionals and users. How are we gonna do it? That is a good question. The answer is quite simple Рan investment should be supported by working product, values, and mission.

In other words, we are working on perspective product that joins different people no matter how much they know about blockchain and how it works. With simple NextON Wallet, earning with masternodes and making cryptocurrency transactions is not a sort of conundrum anymore, but widespread and common thing.

NextON is the point where smart technologies, online-businesses, and passive income meet and win. We think that time and skills are the greatest and most important resources that one may own today. That is why we created NextON to change the everyday patterns of living of our community members. We believe that every person should have time for self-development and search. With the profit from NextON masternode, you get the material basement to move further, open the world, develop your talents and change the world around you.

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