We are excited to inform that very soon NextON will enter the market to change the world of e-commerce completely. Our team worked hard to take into account all the details at the very beginning of product launching and to create NextON as a perfect payment tool.

Another step is even more ambitious because we really believe we can reset the whole system of e-commerce by implementing NextON ecosystem. We designed it to become the most useful and easy-in use payment tool that has ever existed.

NextON wallet will reduce the time of payments and services, fees costs, improve security and productivity in the field of e-commerce through innovative ideas and decentralized system of blockchain technology.

Online-businessmen will be able to track all the operations and get the full statistics visualized in a clear manner. The NextON wallet is created to facilitate leading business on the Internet and make each step easy and the whole system run as clockwork.

Thanks to the widget’s advanced functionality, businessmen will be able to keep accounting and statistics in the form of tables automatically, which will allow to control expenses and incomes and also save time of entrepreneurs and owners of online stores.

One of the main problems of modern e-commerce is the low level of security and confidentiality of various payment methods. Therefore, one of the most important tasks set by the developers of the Nexton coin is to ensure maximum security of personal information of customers.

Our team concentrated on reaching several strategic aims at time. First of all, we created it as a perfect investment that is highly reliable and. Secondly, we developed it as an independent strong product with its unique functions and features. Finally, innovative decisions made by inspired team of professionals opens a new page in the world of cryptocurrencies.

We tried to make a NextON a flexible product able to develop with its users. That is why we are extremely interested in your ideas and feedback.

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