Hello, we want to share with you our thoughts concerning the development of our ecosystem. It is not a secret that we work in a very competitive surroundings and there are a lot of different products that successfully work on this market. We were thinking about the patterns of behaviour of people when they make choices: use the same product, look for better, or probably even create the new one.

Today we are talking about NextON wallet, as we consider it as the main hero of our ecosystem. Currently, you may use the working version of our Desktop Wallet and Web Wallet. It has a user-friendly interface and allows to make all basic operations. However, we want more, and in the future the Wallet will work as business-analysis instrument. One of the most important advantages of the wallet is the ability to add a widget to   websites, mobile applications, and desktops.

We have announced this information before and now want to have some feedback from you. We are planning to make a functionality for business-owners, namely visualization and structuring of all the transactions with categories and the possibility to add own categories. In addition, there will be a possibility to use top-cryptocurrencies.


However, we are still curious to know what else can be done. What features or options in payment systems you appreciate the most? What design solution you would prefer? What bugs or problems make you furious?

Our next article will be about different areas of NextON usage. Thank you for being with us!

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