Technology Description

NextON is a cryptocurrency with full functionality and carefully-developed ecosystem with the possibility to make instant and private transactions. It is created on PoS which makes the coin innovative, safe, and allows to avoid the disadvantages of PoW algorithm that requires a lot of energy and expensive equipment.

What is masternode and why should I care?

Masternodes provide an opportunity for their owners to receive a stable passive income with relatively small capital investments immediately after the purchasing of the masternode. Masternodes play an important role in the NextON network as they provide an infrastructure that enables important functions. Masternodes are computer servers that are used to give holders of coins better control over the network, as well as increase their profits. One of the ways to get income in the masternode network is to maintain connection in the network. NextON masternodes network is characterized by instant anonymous transactions, which are carried out using  SwiftTX technology.

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What is PoS?

PoS or Proof of Stake is technology that allows coins generating without great energy consumption and depends mainly on the number of coins that one has.  In compare with traditional mining, forging generates blocks using less electricity because solving hashes do not require so great computing power. As PoS (Proof of Stake) is used, the reward is given to that node that has more coins; then the reward is distributed between the staker and masternodes. In order to generate new blocks, there is no need to use specialized equipment, such as GPU graphics cards, as well as specialized ASIC chips, or join in pools. A new kind of mining is an innovative way of coin generating, which is much more affordable, less energy-consuming, and more economical. Now everyone can earn on mining.


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NextON Four Pillars


Unique product

Our user-friendly products of high quality are developed  and tested thoughtfully, distinguishing us from competitors.


Personal approach

Our project is client-oriented, so we always listen to any advices and ready to help any time. We exist because you are here.



 We are absolutely open with our customers and always ready to answer any questions. Your trust is a part of our success.


Forward-looking project

We create unique project that will win the world market because we use the latest blockchain technologies constantly improving our products.

Technical Specifications

Coin TickerNXTON
Block Reward210 NXTON
Block Time150 seconds
Block Size16 MB
RewardsMasternode Rewards 60%, PoS 40%
Max Coin Supply1 000 000 000 NXTON
Coins Required for a Masternode50 000 NXTON

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