Every year, the area of E-commerce is rapidly developing due to the improvement of payment systems, logistics, and extensive use of the Internet by users in many spheres of life. E-commerce and crypto-currencies are closely related, and their purpose is intertwined at the point of simplified communication between representatives of different businesses and buyers.

NextON is a fast and anonymous cryptocurrency, which also offers a great infrastructure for doing business on the Internet.

The NextON wallet is not only a useful instrument for storing and transferring funds, but also an effective and incredibly simple tool for analyzing your business, where all transactions are displayed as clearly as possible. Visualization of all business operations allows the owners of online stores to make the optimal decisions, choose and  change the strategies for doing business and purchasing goods in a timely manner, receiving live data in real time.

The functionality of the wallet will positively affect the stimulation of the growth of the coin’s value and its stable maintenance, protecting NextON from the sharp volatility of the rate. Therefore, the team focuses its efforts on the long-term development of the project and cryptocurrency itself, rather than on “pumping and dumping” of the coin, as most of the creators of cryptocurrencies do today. NextON is a real e-commerce tool that brings NextON coin on a higher level compared to other one-day crypto-currencies that do not offer real services or unique software products.

We aimed to make cryptocurrency a part of daily life of all people who use the Internet. We are ready to share our experience and improve our product each day. That is why we have a strong desire to support other projects in e-commerce and cooperate with other companies to reach a common goal.


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